Punitive damages are awarded in some scenarios to punish defendants for, notably egregious carry out. When it is a lot more probably that the defendant’s actions was intentional, or when the hurt caused by the defendant is specifically grave, courts may award punitive damages. This post discusses what punitive damages are and when you can pursue them in a private personal injury circumstance. Go through on for the aspects.

What Are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are an quantity of revenue awarded over and beyond compensatory damages to punish defendants for especially egregious perform. Unlike compensatory damages, which are designed to compensate the plaintiff for losses brought about by the defendant’s carelessness or intentional actions, punitive damages serve a different objective: they assistance be certain that other people do not interact in comparable habits again.

Punitive damages are available in some cases in which compensatory damages would not be proper. As stated by these San Antonio private damage lawyers, punitive damages could be pursued when the defendant’s conduct was intentional or primarily callous and reprehensible in a private injuries case. The objective of these excess awards is to punish defendants for especially egregious carry out that caused hurt to many others by carelessness or willful and wanton carry out.