“‘And’ may possibly be examine ‘or,’ and ‘or’ could be go through ‘and’ if the feeling calls for it.”

So says paragraph (f) of Ohio Revised Code Portion 1.02, which gives definitions for conditions applied in the relaxation of the Ohio authorized code. The line was introduced to my focus by Andrew Mills (Otterbein University).

“Or” read through as “and”? No challenge. Which is the inclusive “or.”

“And” browse as “or”? Huh? Professor Mills questioned some lawyer buddies about it and reviews:

Very first, this is a “cover your ass” clause that can help get the legislature out of sloppily drafted legislation.

2nd, and extra interestingly, it applies to makes use of of the “disjunctive and” (a phrase I had never ever listened to prior to). An instance: “Acme may perhaps offer property and make capital expenditures” and “One is responsible of animal abuse if they whip a horse and stab a horse and kick a horse.” In other terms, at times the legislation use “and” the place they mean “inclusive or”. 

Professor Mills also draws our consideration to Part 926.01, paragraph V of the code, which notes, “Notwithstanding portion 1.02 of the Revised Code, ‘and’ shall not be study ‘or’ and ‘or’ shall not be browse ‘and.’”

If you are fascinated in a closer search at “and”, “or,” and the legislation, here’s one.

And if you are knowledgeable of other attention-grabbing objects at the intersection of legislation and logic, permit us know about them.