Even with the aid of rideshares and community transportation, drunk driving is nevertheless a significant issue in Illinois and the relaxation of the region. If you or a beloved a single has ever been in a collision with a drunk driver or lost a loved one from a crash, you are well mindful of the life-altering physical and emotional accidents, as properly as financial set back again from health-related payments and car repairs. This can be infuriating since the crash most probably would not have occurred if the driver was not impaired. 

Record of Drunk Driving Rules in Illinois

In 1997, Illinois carried out drunk driving legislation that minimized lethal mishaps. For instance, in 1996, a 12 months just before the .08 law took influence, 552 persons died in drunk driving collisions. In 2020, the most recent calendar year for data, only 254 individuals died in alcoholic beverages-similar crashes. Understand about a lot more new DUI and alcoholic beverages laws in Illinois listed here.

Drunk Driving Stats in Illinois

The Illinois Secretary of State’s 2020 DUI Simple fact Book outlines the subsequent conclusions:

  • DUI arrests: 27,046

  • DUI arrests who had been male: 75%

  • DUI culprits who ended up below the age of 35: 57%

  • DUI ordinary blood alcoholic beverages articles (BAC): .16

  • Almost all (91%) of these billed with a DUI shed their proper to travel

  • DUI arrest for initial-time offenders: 86%

  • 244 motorists under the age of 21 dropped their driving privileges because of to Zero Tolerance legislation violations

Blood-alcohol written content (BAC) of .08 is the authorized limit in Illinois and the relaxation of the nation for people 21 and around. For industrial drivers, it is .04%. Any person beneath 21, it is everything more than .00%. The danger of staying in a crash commences to climb with a BAC amongst .04 and .05 and will increase quickly. When a driver’s BAC hits .08, they are 11x more probably to be killed in a solitary-car or truck crash than non-consuming motorists. Motorists with a BAC under .08 can continue to get a DUI if there is proof they had been impaired while driving. Regardless of well known “sobering up” methods this sort of as drinking coffee, feeding on a food, or using a shower, none of these aids reduce your BAC – only time does. 

DUI Fees in Illinois

Not only could ingesting and driving direct you to endanger your self or others on the road, but it could also lead to suspension of driving privileges from 6 months to 3+ several years, jail time, community documents, and sizeable fees. The average cost of a DUI conviction in Illinois is $18,130. This does not incorporate in supplemental prices linked with a DUI, which could incorporate health-related treatments (limitless), in-patient compound abuse plans ($3,500+), lawful expenses ($5,000+), and compensatory damages awarded to crash survivors ($10,000+).

The Liquor Manage Act

This law states that bars and other alcohol-providing establishments could be liable for injuries and damages brought about by intoxicated persons if:

  • The establishment marketed alcohol to the intoxicated man or woman.

  • This man or woman brought about accidents and damages.

  • Intoxication was at minimum 1 major induce of the accidents.

  • The institution was the proximate bring about of intoxication.

That means, you may well be in a position to file a claim with the commercial institution(s) that the driver patronized in advance of the incident. 

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