Matson’s very good aspect apart, Gibney reported the situation was not just about a simple theft.

“It’s a theft performed by an officer of the court whilst performing as an officer of the court,” he stated.

“He stole $4 million,” Gibney mentioned. The decide informed Matson he was fortunate he experienced good attorneys who ended up capable to acquire a plea deal with the authorities in which he was not topic to forfeiting one more $4 million.

“People who steal need to just take a lesson from this case,” the choose extra.

Matson’s criminal offense stemmed from his attempts to thwart an investigation into his fraud even though a court docket-appointed trustee in the individual bankruptcy of the LandAmerica Financial Team. A federal investigation into people allegations uncovered occasions of Matson’s embezzlement from the bankruptcy rely on between 2015 and 2018, of around $800,000.

Matson also manipulated the spending plan of the article-individual bankruptcy wind-down so that he could divert cash to himself and other folks after the shut of the LandAmerica personal bankruptcy, when he would no for a longer period be subject to scrutiny by lenders and the individual bankruptcy court, and was capable to siphon absent much more than $3.2 million for personalized payments to himself and others.

The cash, nonetheless, was put into accounts controlled by Matson and not expended, enabling Matson to return it, Brandon Michael Santos, a single of Matson’s legal professionals, informed Gibney on Monday. On Monday and in court docket papers submitted previously, Matson’s attorneys cited the decrease of his now-defunct previous legislation agency, LeClairRyan family pressures involving a sibling and her son and other concerns all pressuring Matson at the time of the misconduct.