A person of the Capitol’s most enduring conflicts pits private injuries lawyers and their allies in purchaser advocacy teams versus corporate passions and their insurers.

The two factions clash incessantly above what occasions are deemed wrongful acts (torts), who can sue about individuals functions and what financial damages can be awarded.

Dubbed “tort wars,” the conflict has raged for decades in the Legislature, in the courts and from time to time through ballot steps, each individual side depicting by itself as the excellent men and the other as rapaciously evil. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are used every 12 months on lobbyists, media strategists, political marketing campaign advisors and other instruments of the political trade.

Dan Walters


The intensity of the war varies from year to calendar year, and 2022 is shaping up as one particular of its hotter durations as the factions propose dueling ballot actions. 1 would effectively undo a 1975 law that limits damages for “pain and suffering” in medical malpractice scenarios, whilst one more would position a new limit on the fees that particular harm lawyers can assert.