Black prosecutors make up 48% of President Biden’s US attorney picks

While Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination has drawn a lot of national attention, Biden has quietly worked to install a diverse class of U.S. attorneys.

  • Black nominees make up 48% of Biden’s picks for U.S. attorney positions.
  • Among his nominees are 16 people of color who represent firsts for their districts.
  • The numbers differ sharply from the Trump administration.

WASHINGTON – For a long time, Dawn Ison was hesitant to talk about the deep personal loss that shadowed her early life in Detroit.

Her first-grade teacher relayed the tragic news that her 5-year-old cousin had been run down by a drunk driver. The skid marks left in the street are seared into her memory still. At 9, her father was murdered, a devastating consequence she attributes to an “unhealthy” lifestyle.

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