Fight With Us Too, Damnit (Educators and Jordan Davis) by Jose Vilson

Because Jordan Davis could have been one of our students, but we’re so mum on things, it makes us look willfully ignorant OR tone-deaf. It may be a beautiful day for some of you, but for those of us who have to live with this, we can’t just hug it out. There is this dimension of tragedy that’s rather hard to ignore on its own face, but the added dimension of race makes people feel unfuzzy, and they’d rather revel in anti-establishment talk and feel warm in that pocket forever. Talking about race makes white folks feel sad, they’ll say.

Take It Till U Make It by EduShyster

My friend’s school is part of a network of achievement boosting called ANet, which we first encountered here. Because students at the school, many of whom are still learning English, have failed to increase their *achievement,* the school will likely be taken over by a *proven provider* unless enough students learn to color in the correct bubbles before they take Massachusetts’ high stakes test—or the super cool new PARCC exam—this spring

Veteran teacher: I’m sick of being called ‘burned out’ posted by Valerie Strauss at The Answer Sheet

I have been teaching middle-school math for 20 years. I feel like a veteran of a war. Almost like the veteran sergeant in an old war movie who is still standing after numerous campaigns and is there to greet the new group of raw recruits. I have seen administrators come and go. I have seen curriculum ideas come and go. I have seen all manner of policies come and go. I have taught students who were considered unteachable. That being said, I feel that I am at the top of my game this year.

DVR Corrects Course by Peter Greene

The other six are just arble-garble about testing and proper field-testing and accountability and probably ploughing the road for NEA’s Helmsley-fund financed partnership with PARCC and SBA, but I don’t care and I’m willing to ignore it, because if we get a do-over on the standards, if we get a state-level method of revising the standards to suit that state with teachers in an actual position to affect the process– I would do the kind of happy dance that would embarrass grandchildren that aren’t even born yet. Rewrite the standards? With the states, not the USDOE? I have to say, I don’t hate that idea.

A Common Core math class where students “complain with smiles” by Patrick Wall on Chalkbeat NY

During this time, some groups asked basic questions about how to operate the computer program. But others wanted to know what figure they were trying to sketch (a parallelogram or rectangle, depending on their worksheet).
Laks refused to tell them. Instead, she asked them questions about the figures (“Are the sides parallel?”). When one student, senior Hiram Dueño, asked if his shape was a rectangle, Laks smiled back, “I don’t know.”
“Yes you do, you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to know this,” Dueño replied. “You got a degree for this!”