7 04, 2014

FDR speaks from the grave – “Keep our democracy safe”

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Franklin D. Roosevelt gave this campaign address in 1939 to a crowd in Kansas City, Missouri. While he spoke primarily about the New Deal programs and the Great Depression, I’m amazed how relevant his words are today.

The problems and injustices I once thought were isolated cases are actually intricately connected. Our country is in […]

4 04, 2014

The happy secret to better work, could it work in schools?

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It’s funny how an idea will resonate with you differently at different points in your life. The first time I saw this video, I internalized the message and thought about how I could strive to be happier in my own life.

Today, I wondered what our schools would look like if we incorporated Achor’s ideas. […]

31 03, 2014

PBS Newshour – Education reform, Arne Duncan, and his unprecedented power

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This 9 minute video packs a lot of punch. I haven’t seen another video present the education reforms of the past few decades in such a clear light. Not only that, John Merrow explains Arne Duncan’s role and the unique position our current Secretary of Education is in.

This is a perfect video to send […]

29 03, 2014

Visualized – Who really wants to see Common Core succeed?

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If you live in Florida you might have already seen these advertisements.

A recent campaign was launched spreading “the good word” about Common Core. I took a look at who paid for this campaign, who’s endorsing it, and where all this funding came from. Still think Common Core is teacher led?

Let’s get this message out! […]

28 03, 2014

The award for highest reformy connections goes to…

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Julie Mikuta, my nomination for the reformers poster child position!
While conducting research for another project, I came across Julie Mikuta, PhD and I’m fairly certain she has worked for or with every major education “reform” organization there is. I don’t recall ever seeing a bio quite like this.

Julie Mikuta is a Partner in NewSchools Venture […]

27 03, 2014

Michelle Rhee on Today

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I’ve been afraid to blink. It seems every day has seen breaking news or significant change in the world of education reform. If you’ve just returned from vacation or are waking from a mini-coma, you might be shocked. Take, for instance, Michelle Rhee on the Today Show.

No need to clean your ears. That really […]