21 04, 2014

BBC – What hours do teachers really work?

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As a British national, I split my time between the UK and the US and while my work focuses on the American education system, I do have a few English friends who are teachers. I don’t spend nearly as much time in Old Blighty as I’d like, I still try to pay attention to […]

18 04, 2014

11 things new teachers should know

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1. Teaching is difficult

You hear this so much you start to doubt its validity. It’s just a job, after all, right? Wrong! Your first years of teaching have an incredibly steep learning curve. Surround yourself with positive people both at work and at home, find a mentor and buckle up.
2. College didn’t really prepare […]

7 04, 2014

FDR speaks from the grave – “Keep our democracy safe”

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Franklin D. Roosevelt gave this campaign address in 1939 to a crowd in Kansas City, Missouri. While he spoke primarily about the New Deal programs and the Great Depression, I’m amazed how relevant his words are today.

The problems and injustices I once thought were isolated cases are actually intricately connected. Our country is in […]

4 04, 2014

The happy secret to better work, could it work in schools?

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It’s funny how an idea will resonate with you differently at different points in your life. The first time I saw this video, I internalized the message and thought about how I could strive to be happier in my own life.

Today, I wondered what our schools would look like if we incorporated Achor’s ideas. […]

31 03, 2014

PBS Newshour – Education reform, Arne Duncan, and his unprecedented power

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This 9 minute video packs a lot of punch. I haven’t seen another video present the education reforms of the past few decades in such a clear light. Not only that, John Merrow explains Arne Duncan’s role and the unique position our current Secretary of Education is in.

This is a perfect video to send […]

29 03, 2014

Visualized – Who really wants to see Common Core succeed?

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If you live in Florida you might have already seen these advertisements.

A recent campaign was launched spreading “the good word” about Common Core. I took a look at who paid for this campaign, who’s endorsing it, and where all this funding came from. Still think Common Core is teacher led?

Let’s get this message out! […]